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UK Unemployment Figures Released: Unemployment Increases to 2.47 Million

I always take a great interest on UK issues because I usually consider it as my second country. Its sad to see financial lackluster of UK, but thats life in todays harsh economic situation.

I also take a close appear on UK employment figures, waiting anxiously for the Office for National Statistics (ONS) UKs statistic agency to officially release the numbers. Despite no substantial change, the unemployment figures are pretty a lot worrying.

UKs statistics agency has just announced the monthly data related to unemployment. According to BBC, the UKs unemployment rate rises to 7.9% from 7.8% last quarter, which means 23,000 much more people lost their job, totaled 2.47 million of UK unemployment. April 2010s average earning growth also fell down a bit to 1.9% from March 2010s 2%.

The unemployment rate rises at record breaking pace, the highest because 1996.

I remembered 7 years ago looking for part-time jobs students aren't allowed to take full-time employment (I enrolled in University of Wolverhampton postgraduate program.) I should say that in spite of the already-issue-ridden UK work marketplace, I could get a part-time job quite easily.

Well, not anymore, I guess

ONS report, along with UKs deficit reduction plan that could mean 725,000 job cuts by 2015, means that UKs financial outlook is still pretty much bleak.

Associated to the unemployment figures, U.K. consumer confidence also at a record low level in May 2010, the most drops since July 2008, dropped 10 points to 65 in May 2010, as reported by BusinessWeek. Britons are indeed becoming more pessimistic in their economic outlook.

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Junior Multimedia Graphic Designer

Give business a personality and produce your lasting impression, with Branditt

The Challenge:
Out of the box creative thinking including artistic contributions. An understanding of theoretical and practical knowledge in brand communication. The ability to visually translate business personality via web design, motion graphics and graphic style.

The Person:
Diploma in creative visual communication or equivalent coupled with 1 to two years similar work experience. Excellence in Adobe CS 4, Flash, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Following Effects.
Adventurous, authentic individual with a strong function ethic and is inspired by the idea of creating.

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Crowdsourcing Your Search Marketing

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Crowdsourcing may be the concept of taking a job 1 individual would normally do and offering it out to a big number of people.

An increasingly famous example of this is They recently won the Greatest Web Service & Application of the year in the Webby People's Voice Awards.

They work by taking your design project and turning it into a contest. Say you want a new logo, new website design, or new banner ad. Instead of sending this to your designer, you create a contest for the project and open it up to the entire world.

The winner gets a prize. Suggested prizes are:

 * Web Page Design: $700
 * Stationery Design: $200
 * Logo Design: $300

And all the losers get: $0.

I did this for a Web design for a friend. I got 15 designs and paid the winner $450.

On top of that, the designer was incredibly accommodating. He eagerly made changes and updates to his design.

It was a great experience.

Last week, I was speaking on a panel where I mentioned I was experimenting with outsourcing and crowdsourcing. After the panel, a Web designer asked me my thoughts on crowdsourcing.

He summed up the big concerns with crowdsourcing quite well. He asked:

 * Don't you think the quality is crap?
 * What would your clients think if they knew you were doing this?
 * Aren't you feeding your own extinction?

Let's deal with each one of these:

Don't you think the quality is crap?

Actually no.

There's good work and there's bad work. Not everyone can make that determination. You have to know what you're looking at. There needs to be a filter for that determination.

In the case of using a crowdsourcing solution for design, you really should do this hand-in-hand with a professional designer you trust.

Much to most people's surprise, most of us don't understand what good design looks like.

What would your clients think if they knew you were doing this?

They might love you for it. If you outsource the production work of a design project, you are saving them money. Additionally, I don't think I've ever gotten asked where work is coming from. My clients trust me to only provide them with quality work. If I used a partner in Chicago (which I do a lot) or a partner in Delhi, that has no bearing. All that matters is if the work produces the desired results.

My accounting firm actually proudly promotes bookkeeping services they outsource to India. They do it so that they can focus on strategy and ultimately save me money on mundane tasks. They are expensive bookkeepers. But they are great accounting strategists.

Aren't you feeding your own extinction?

I definitely am changing the way I think about my business. But it's a line of thinking we all need to consider. The reason someone would want to pay me a considerable amount of money for Web marketing is because I have experience and knowledge they don't have. They want guidance I'm able to offer them.

The amount of guidance they need from me is based on how big and complex the project is.

Part of that guidance likely should include ways I can save them money while still producing the desired results. Because of my experience, I'm able to bring that capability to them.

Using a crowdsourcing solution actually makes me more important in the process.

If you have no experience with key phrase research, link building, and on-the-page optimization, how will you possibly know if your crowdsourcing solution is any good? You actually could cause yourself damage by not using an expert in conjunction with crowdsourcing.

We all need to continue to move to the top of the food chain. That's where the money is at. That's where our value lies.

Posted by johnkapoy on June 16th, 2010, 13:51 | Trackbacks (0) Medical Website Design Company Aurora Information Technology Celebrates a Busy S

GARRISON, NY--(Marketwire - June 14, 2010) - As they near the end of a busy spring and look ahead to an even busier summer, healthcare website designers Aurora Information Technology (Aurora IT) celebrate it with a group launch of five new web sites. "The modern-day patient consults the Web for information, regardless of whether it's medical, retail or otherwise," explains Daniel Gilbert, CEO of Aurora IT. "A successful website should offer valuable and helpful info to current and potential customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so that they are capable to make educated decisions on where to bring their company."

The new websites reflect different disciplines within the healthcare field. Although they're mainly healthcare web design and physician web site designers, Aurora IT also designs web sites from other industries, as seen within the list below. Their healthcare website style approach is to create simple, elegant styles, showcasing the client's item offerings and services. All of their web sites are 100% customized; Aurora IT in no way uses templates. Additionally, as certified Gold Bitrix partners, they employ the latest Bitrix Site Manger content management system (CMS) tools, recognized for their ease of use -- an attractive asset for their client base.

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Houston Website Marketing Firm Directory One Unveils New SEO Package

Numerous small business owners wonder how they can survive in this economy without having spending excessive funds on marketing and advertising. Houston website advertising firm Directory 1 has an affordable web site style package geared to enhance a company's ranking and drive visitors to their web site.

Directory One president Philip O'Hara is pleased to announce new monthly packages for the affordable fee of $250. Clients will have a range of services from website redesign, directory link building, keyword study, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as press release and post writing. The goal of the Houston web site marketing firm would be to drive visitors to the client's web site and rank extremely on search engines for example Google, Yahoo and Bing.

"Website advertising and search engine optimization is critical towards the success of any organization," said O'Hara. "We understand that small business owners are searching for methods to grow their business in a price efficient manner. Our experienced team of web designers and writers work with each client to improve their ranking and stay competitive within their field."

Directory 1 serves a range of customers such as consulting firms, retailers, attorneys, physicians, manufacturers and HVAC providers with website design and advertising. The organization ranks as the top Houston website marketing firm and provides customers a complete menu of providers including Houston lookup engine optimization, website design, article and press release writing, television commercials and promotional videos.

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