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Vidaroo Corporation Announces the Vidaroo Affiliate Sales Program and Signs Its Initial Group of A

Vidaroo Corporation (OTCBB:VIDA), an innovative movie technology organization offering an On the internet Movie Platform, Orlando Video Production, and on the internet video advertising, announces the launch of its new affiliate sales program and also the signing of an initial group of affiliates.

"The signing of our first group of affiliates is an fascinating time for us," states Mark Argenti, Chairman/CEO. "Our affiliate plan accelerates our sales efforts and proves our software to be a item fully ready for licensure, ready for the pushes and pulls of the market." Continues Argenti, "We are completely ready to embrace our affiliate plan and encourage people and organizations with an affinity towards towards the video marketplace to contact the Company. Our efforts in continuing to streamline our product sales and marketing make this an fascinating time to become part of the Vidaroo family."

"Our affiliate plan is the next effort in scaling customer acquisition for software licensing. We are focused on signing affiliates whom reach verticals aligning prospective users that fit our item providing. We are excited about our current affiliate efforts and the relationships being forged. The affiliate plan is a key component as we proceed towards on demand Software-as-a-Service," notes Micheal Morgan, COO, CTO & Director, Vidaroo Corporation.

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