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Majority of U.S. mobile Web use from iOS devices

The iPhone and iPod Touch nevertheless dominate cellular Internet usage, but new monthly data shows Android is making some inroads.

Devices featuring Apple's iOS mobile operating system lead all other cellular products with 58.8 % of cellular Web visitors in the U.S. Android is far behind, but still in second place with 19.9 %. Next is "other" with 10.9 %, and after that is Study In Motion with 10.4 %, based on data released by Quantcast on Monday.

Though Android has a methods to go to catch up with Apple's iOS, Android is beginning to take some of that share as much more products featuring Google's cellular OS hit stores. From April to May, for example, iOS lost just under 1 percent share, whilst Android gained slightly much more, 1.3 percent, based on Quantcast.

It is important to note, nevertheless, that Quantcast's information doesn't consist of mobile Web use from iPads. That's a fairly glaring omission since Apple has sold 2 million of the touch-screen tablets (mostly in the U.S.), which use essentially exactly the same platform, throughout the months of April and Might.

Even without having that information, iOS is nevertheless in the lead. But it's clear that Android is gaining momentum with the release of products like the Nexus One, HTC Evo, and Motorola Droid, and HTC Droid Incredible.

Apple very clearly feels the competition too. At WWDC last week, CEO Steve Jobs spent much of his two-hour keynote presentation giving a sales pitch to his developers on the viability of his cellular platform.

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