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Vidaroo Corporation Announces the Vidaroo Affiliate Sales Program and Signs Its Initial Group of A

Vidaroo Corporation (OTCBB:VIDA), an innovative movie technology organization offering an On the internet Movie Platform, Orlando Video Production, and on the internet video advertising, announces the launch of its new affiliate sales program and also the signing of an initial group of affiliates.

"The signing of our first group of affiliates is an fascinating time for us," states Mark Argenti, Chairman/CEO. "Our affiliate plan accelerates our sales efforts and proves our software to be a item fully ready for licensure, ready for the pushes and pulls of the market." Continues Argenti, "We are completely ready to embrace our affiliate plan and encourage people and organizations with an affinity towards towards the video marketplace to contact the Company. Our efforts in continuing to streamline our product sales and marketing make this an fascinating time to become part of the Vidaroo family."

"Our affiliate plan is the next effort in scaling customer acquisition for software licensing. We are focused on signing affiliates whom reach verticals aligning prospective users that fit our item providing. We are excited about our current affiliate efforts and the relationships being forged. The affiliate plan is a key component as we proceed towards on demand Software-as-a-Service," notes Micheal Morgan, COO, CTO & Director, Vidaroo Corporation.

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Posted by johnkapoy on June 16th, 2010, 14:47 | Trackbacks (0) Wins Top Award for Web Design announced today that its ecommerce web site store won a first place Platinum Award within the most recent MarCom Awards competitors. The business beat entries from all over the world.

“It is really a substantial accomplishment to be recognized given that there are more than a million ecommerce web sites out there”, said Fred DuBois, President, Laptop Battery Express. 'The site’s appeal is due to its simplicity and also the idea that it ought to be easy to find the correct replacement laptop battery for your laptop.”

The MarCom Awards is an annual international competitors that recognizes outstanding creative achievement by marketing and communication professionals. The competitors has grown to perhaps the largest of its kind within the globe. There were nearly 5,000 entries from throughout the United States and several foreign countries within the latest competition. Winners had been selected from much more than 200 categories in seven forms of media and communication. The MarCom Awards is administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Experts. The international organization consists of several thousand creative professionals.

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GNB Voc-Tech students website whizzes

NEW BEDFORD – Student teams from Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School swept three from the four top spots at a regional web site style competition sponsored by Bristol Community College.

Placing very first in the BCC competition was the team of Ashleigh Mota and Steven DuBois. Mota and DuBois graduated from GNB Voc-Tech this month, majoring in Media Technology.

The GNB Voc-Tech group of Ryan Pallatroni and Kyle Ferry placed third and also the team of Matthew Blouin and Tyler Hemingway placed fourth. Students from both of those teams are majoring in Programming & Web Development at GNB Voc-Tech. All four are juniors.

“We're very proud of our students and how they performed at this competition,” said Michael Arguin, a Media Technology teacher from GNB Voc-Tech.

Overall, nearly 70 students from area high schools competed within the contest, including students from Old Colony Regional Vocational High School in Rochester, Tri-County Regional Vocational High School in Franklin, and Upper Cape Regional Vocational High School in Bourne.

Teams from Tri-County and Old Colony rounded out the winners placing second and fifth respectively.

A total of 21 students from GNB Voc-Tech competed in the annual BCC Computer Information Systems High School Web site contest held on June 4.

Fifteen from the students from GNB Voc-Tech were Programming & Web Development majors. Six were Media Technology majors.

The contest was sponsored by the Computer Information Systems Department at Bristol Community College and the National Science Foundation. The contest was run by Priscilla Grocer, Chair of the CIS Department, and Raymond Steele of the CIS Department

The contest was designed to test the students' knowledge of web development and also the ability to hand-code HTML, XHTML and CSS.

Students were allowed to work in teams of two. They were given two hours to recreate examples of web pages that were provided. One student was allowed to work on each page, while the other student conducted research to complete the problem.

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Majority of U.S. mobile Web use from iOS devices

The iPhone and iPod Touch nevertheless dominate cellular Internet usage, but new monthly data shows Android is making some inroads.

Devices featuring Apple's iOS mobile operating system lead all other cellular products with 58.8 % of cellular Web visitors in the U.S. Android is far behind, but still in second place with 19.9 %. Next is "other" with 10.9 %, and after that is Study In Motion with 10.4 %, based on data released by Quantcast on Monday.

Though Android has a methods to go to catch up with Apple's iOS, Android is beginning to take some of that share as much more products featuring Google's cellular OS hit stores. From April to May, for example, iOS lost just under 1 percent share, whilst Android gained slightly much more, 1.3 percent, based on Quantcast.

It is important to note, nevertheless, that Quantcast's information doesn't consist of mobile Web use from iPads. That's a fairly glaring omission since Apple has sold 2 million of the touch-screen tablets (mostly in the U.S.), which use essentially exactly the same platform, throughout the months of April and Might.

Even without having that information, iOS is nevertheless in the lead. But it's clear that Android is gaining momentum with the release of products like the Nexus One, HTC Evo, and Motorola Droid, and HTC Droid Incredible.

Apple very clearly feels the competition too. At WWDC last week, CEO Steve Jobs spent much of his two-hour keynote presentation giving a sales pitch to his developers on the viability of his cellular platform.

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Watch The Times Web Designers Tinker, Iterate

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The New York Occasions (the paper of the refresh button) likes to mix things up, and the paper's web style is no exception.

Later this summer, The Times is launching a new public beta website to test out new functions on self-selecting readers before incorporating them into, Nat Ives reports.

The test website, which will probably be caled "Beta620" in reference towards the paper's address on Eighth Avenue, will be utilized to try out new functions like those boxes that only recently began zooming out from the side of article pages.

That feature was the result of a "tech challenge," according to Denise Warren, a senior vice president at The Times. That's what the paper calls internal contests to produce new functions.

Just this weekend Ben Zimmer's "On Language" column seized on the idea of iterating and web design. "It’s the way from the Internet these days: everything is iterating," he wrote.

Interating correct prior to your eyes!

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Bioconversion Inc. Selects Blizzard for Internet Marketing and Web Design

BioConversion Technology has selected Blizzard Digital to produce a new appear and really feel for their web site and to market their providers to municipalities and commercial clients in the Southeast region of the usa. With years of encounter helping little town wastewater treatment plants and food processing companies like Tyson and Pilgrims Pride, BCT has decided to make online marketing a priority in 2010. Whilst searching for an Web Marketing agency the President of Bio Conversion Inc. was impressed with the quick response, the portfolio, and also the fact that Blizzard is a local family business. When asked why she chose Blizzard the President, Kathleen Renzi replied, "I like working with local companies whenever possible. In our little town I wasn't certain what to expect and I was surprised to discover that we had the talent right here to accomplish our goals".
The very first challenge for Blizzard was to refresh a very dated web style. "first we wanted to bring a clean look to the website that didn't have that old industrial feeling. They really had an old nineties industrial design" said David Blizzard, president of Blizzard Digital Corporation. The team at Blizzard worked with BCT to figure out their objectives, requirements, and expectations and then with that info they had been capable to come up with a budget for design and initial advertising.
1 from the challenges they face when dealing having a specialty business is the content and producing certain it addresses the correct audience. The content for BCT required to be technical and present the client as an expert in their field. Conveying that idea to plant managers and, at the same time, not speaking above the technical level from the suits that make final decisions was challenging. The next challenge was to find out exactly where potential customers were looking for partners and what they are looking for. Wastewater management is not an industry where you throw up a web site, tell several people, after which you've success.
BioConversion Inc. is a minority owned company and a member of the united states Women's Chamber of Commerce. They provide items and providers that help factories and municipalities decrease costs by meeting regulations and needs for waste water treatment and disposal. The organization was founded in 2001.
Blizzard Digital is an Web Marketing company located in North Georgia. They provide style, marketing, search optimizations, and conversion optimization services to small company owners throughout the usa. The company was started in 1996 and incorporated in 2000.

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Minisite Design and Web Design Services by Cool Site Graphics

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Internet marketers will discover this site to offer them convenience in improving the high quality of their own web sites. Launched by Phil Mair who is a freelance web site and minisite graphic designer, this provides most from the things upcoming and experienced online marketers need.
Providers provided include minisite graphics, splash landing pages, 3D ecovers and eBook style, membership scripts, web banner Ad design, and numerous much more.
Upcoming online entrepreneurs who wish to start their careers selling eBooks will discover this site very helpful because they can order an attractive eBooks cover style from here. They can also order a minisite style along with it. This will definitely assist any newcomer in the web industry to jumpstart his on the internet business. Beginners no longer have to spend lots of time in studying website design and creation.
For online marketers who wish to save time and start their businesses immediately they can buy the accessible membership web sites provided for sale. There are currently 3 websites that are for sale right now with inexpensive costs. These websites are ready to launch complete with features, content, graphics, and offers. These are excellent searching websites and are profitable. Many customers of the various providers provided by Phil have posted their testimonials on the web site. Via this people will be in a position to see how Phil provides high quality service to his clients.
This website also offers free of charge memberships. For now it provides free software, eCourses, advertising, and graphics to new members. All individuals require to do to take advantage of this excellent offer is to sign up by providing their full names, email addresses, and set up their usernames and passwords. On top of that new members can turn out to be affiliates for free and they can join the referral contest. The price would be a free of charge minisite style for the lucky member for his next on the internet project. Non-members won’t be in a position to access these gifts.


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Premier Chicago Web Design Company Helps Save the Environment

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With environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions reaching threatening levels, it's time all of us become worried. You will find currently strict guidelines in location that industry must follow. Governments are also taking action to reduce the emissions and make the globe a safer place to live in. However, a lot much more requirements to be carried out. A Chicago web design organization is performing its bit by producing the Web a cleaner and a greener location. is now providing socially responsible green internet hosting solutions. This digital marketing firm is providing distinctive internet hosting plans that can decrease the server heat substantially.

Every online business needs to purchase a hosting strategy where the domain name would be hosted. The plans reside on servers, and these servers need a lot of heat to energy them and also for cooling. According to estimates, for every watt of power required by a server, anything between 1 and 2 watts of power is required for cooling. That's lots of energy burning. Whilst you will find a few businesses that use renewable energy for powering the server, only uses renewable energy for both the heating and cooling. This means that, this Chicago web style organization is really investing double the amount of renewable power.

If you're in need of a web hosting plan, you are able to also do your bit by selecting one from the green and affordable web hosting plans that the company provides. Or if you already have a web site that is hosted somewhere else, you could switch over to Keep in mind, if your server is not on renewable energy both for powering and cooling it, then your website is contributing towards global climate catastrophe.

Green Apple Sales is really a planet friendly Chicago web design company. The organization strongly believes in a clean and green Earth and thus uses recycling wherever possible, and minimizes paper use as well. If everybody does their bit, then the impact on climate can certainly be reduced to a great extent.

Not just internet hosting, is also into a lot of different things. The company offers internet design and development, graphic design and lookup engine optimization (Search engine optimization) services too. So right from building a new corporate identity for the business to designing and developing the website to carrying out Search engine optimization to ensure that the website can achieve great lookup engine ranks, does it all. The organization has currently served a lot of clients in the Chicago region and from other parts of the country too.

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Clean Marketing Online Offers 50% Off on Cleaning, Restoration & Janitorial Company Website

Gainesville, FL (OPENPRESS) June 16, 2010 -- is offering 50% off on their Premium Website Style services and 3 Months Free of charge Hosting for Cleaning, Restoration and Janitorial company websites. With every Web site Style, a free Press Release will also be sent out. So should you are thinking of creating a web presence for your company, now is a better time. Do not miss this limited offer expiring July 15th.

Florida based Clean Marketing On the internet has been successfully advertising for Carpet Cleaning & Restoration industry on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Having a web site is really a key requirement for Search Engine Marketing. A basic website is no good in this day & time. A professional looking website with relevant content and which represents your business & your services is must.

Every 6/10 businesses fail to get higher ROI on Google Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) or banner advertisements even after getting couple hundred or more clicks to their web site. This often leads to a false conclusion that Search Advertising just doesn't work or payout a higher ROI. In fact Search Advertising has an equally higher or even better conversion rate than direct marketing because inherently Search Marketing is driven by a "search" or a "need" which often converts into a sale easier than approaching a prospect via direct advertising tactics like telemarketing, post card advertising etc. When on the internet marketing ROIs are lower, quality of the website is most often the bottleneck. A website which lacks a professional design and doesn't have relevant information to be able to catch the prospect's attention will not convert the clicks into a lead or sale.

Clean Advertising has worked with cleaning & restoration industries nationwide and by experience has access to all the key ingredients that make a web site design successful, generate more leads and get higher ROI on advertising dollars spent on online advertising. Each website has a content management software that can help business owners cut down on their cost for making updates to the website which become self-manageable with content management systems. Coupons can be managed on the internet and updated through one single easy to use system. Each premium site has 15-20 pages which can give a head start to the web site search ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

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Interactive Chiropractic Website Design: ChiroHosting Introduces The Future of Chiropractic Mar

Olympia, WA (PRWEB) June 14, 2010 --, 1 from the very first chiropractic web site businesses, is proud to celebrate their 10 year anniversary with their new interactive chiropractor web site service.

Getting a website is a necessity now for chiropractors, as more and much more individuals use the web to search for health info. But just getting a website isn’t enough. You require a site that gets patients involved and interacting – and calling your office for an appointment.

“We’ve decided to take chiropractic marketing and chiropractic web sites to a new level of interactivity, because that’s a proven way to convert website visitors into new sufferers,” says Michael Melton, owner of

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